Sorbonne collection by Chantelle brand

Created in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon, the company that later became Chantelle, began by specializing in the fabrication of elastic knitting. It was in 1902 that Maurice Kretz, nephew of the founder of the brand, launched the fabrication of corsets from elastic fabrics. In the 1940s, Claude Kretz, who rejoined his father in the company, used “Kretz tulle” to make the first girdles. It was in 1949 that the brand Chantelle was born and quickly became the first corsetiere in France. Its slogan “Chantelle, the girdle that stays in place” was the leading slogan of the 1950s in term of feminine lingerie. Chantelle launched its first bra in 1961 and continued to launch until today with numerous underwear, like bras, slips and shorties… Thanks to its precious savoir-faire that is passed on overtime and from generation to generation, the brand Chantelle enjoys today a great success. Chantelle makes it possible for all women to wear daily underwear that have benefited from the creation of haute couture spirit, meticulous fitting adjustment and a variety of materials that are more and more noble.

The French haute-couture spirit

Chantelle Sorbonne

Many collections are proposed by the brand, permanent lines, but also collections that are renewed over seasons. The new collection Sorbonne of the brand Chantelle is a modern and pure line, of subtle sensitivity, perfect for daily wearing.

Chantelle Sorbonne collection offers seduction and feminine models. It will seduce you thanks to their carefully worked forms and multiple details. Make your choice between ageless black and feminine talc color, two simple and elegant colors that will highlight your form. Whether you are classic or extravagant, this collection will delight you in all cases. Opt for three parts bras accompanied with a shorty or a Brazilian slip and you will have an absolute sensation of femininity.

The lace brief offers a covering and feminine form while the shorty is more modern. The Chantelle Sorbonne underwired three parts bra possesses a covering for an enveloping effect. It is a refined bra for reassuring covering, offering optimal support and realigning and round breasts. The décolleté in transparency is ideal for an additional touch of seduction. The top of the bonnet is doubled in tulle, which brings also a touch of comfort. The straps are adjustable all along the length. A bow is also added to the part between the bonnets in order to finish the model and makes it more sophisticated. Sorbonne is a line allying timeless modernity of the bands in graphic lace with the transparency of the tulle for an undeniable feminine and daily effect.