Rivoli collection by Chantelle brand

Founded in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon, the company that later became Chantelle was specialized in the fabrication of elastic knitting. It was in 1902 that Maurice Kretz, nephew of the founder of the brand, launched the fabrication of corsets from elastic fabrics. In the 1940s, Claude Kretz, who rejoined his father in the company, used “Kretz tulle” to make the first Chantelle girdles. It was in 1949 that the brand Chantelle was born and, over time, it quickly became the first French corsetiere. Its slogan “Chantelle, the girdle that stays in place”, is the leading slogan in the 1950s in term of lingerie. Chantelle launched its first bra in 1961 and continued until today. Thanks to its precious savoir-faire that is transmitted over time and generations, the brand Chantelle enjoys today an unbeatable fame. Chantelle makes it possible for women to possess daily underwear that also benefit from the creation of haute couture spirit, from fitting with meticulous adjustments and a variety of more and more noble materials.

A feminine and elegant lingerie

Chantelle Rivoli

Many collections are proposed by the brand, permanent lines, but also collections that evolve over the seasons. The collection Rivoli is one of them. How cannot fall for its charm? Each woman looks for something better for their comfort and elegance. Bras and bottoms of the line Rivoli are carefully designed in order to respond to the needs of all women.

This collection Rivoli of the brand Chantelle is proposed in different colors: white, grey metal and flamingo. These colors are perfect for all occasions and allow you to change your style regularly. White color is more classic and will match with all of your outfit. Gris metal is ideal for a sophisticated and somber outfit. This Chantelle Rivoli collection is ideal to feel elegant and chic in all circumstances.

Chantelle designs a refined collection in which you will find demi cup bra, underwired bra with three parts, slip or even shorty, which have become the signature of the brand. The collection Rivoli highlights the floral guipure, key point of the emblematic brand Chantelle. Feminine and comfortable, the pieces of this collection appear in soft mesh and interspersed extensible tulle yokes. The harmony between glamour and comfort! You will find the appearance of your dream in the collection Rivoli. Beautify your forms and highlight all your feminine assets!