Révèle-Moi collection by Chantelle brand

Since more than 140 years, the company Chantelle has never stopped to innovate to create models of lingerie always more sublime and in perfect match with the silhouette of women. The choice of noble materials used by the brand only make pieces of lingerie that know a great success with women for so many years until today. The number one of French lingerie reveals to you new models in a reassuring and light line of lingerie: Révèle-Moi. Chantelle invites you to a game of transparency and lacework. All expertise and savoir-faire of the brand are gathered in order to create a seducing and refined line of lingerie.

A fine and romantic lingerie

Chantelle Révèle Moi

With this collection Révèle-Moi, Chantelle amazes you’re once again by its capacity of innovation. You will find this line a four parts bra whose cut is especially adapted to the needs of big size breasts, offering well-being that is perfectly balanced and covering the breasts. This bra will bring unquestionable comfort, in all lightness while guaranteeing a touch of seduction. In fact, the form of this bra reminds us of a demi cup bra in lace: we can even confuse between the two! The transparency of tulle is contrasted by a line in lace on the top of the bonnets. Pretty patterns are presented on the lower part of the piece. For the part between the two bonnets, Chantelle designs a little bow adorned by a subtle jewelry to bring you a touch of preciosity to the model. The back is composed of an opening by clips and doubled tulle in order to bring you optimal comfort. The straps of the bra of this line are extensible and adjustable to adapt to each morphology.

The femininity of the models of this reassuring collection will seduce you. The linings of the pieces of lingerie are in clear contrast to bring a touch of lightness to the set. The transparency of the décolleté is therefore created, noticeably thanks to the upper part of the bonnet that is in tulle. To accompany your favorite bra, Chantelle Révèle-Moi collection offers you a slip or a shorty according to your desires. These lively models are available in three different colors: refreshing and ageless white, sublime black as well as feminine nubuck color.