Fête collection by Chantelle brand

Chantelle is a remarkable brand of high-end lingerie. Excelling at the savoir-faire and exigence it brings to its creation, it is unquestionably a sure value and a brand to choose with closed eyes. Chantelle wishes to dress every woman in the world by offering them feminine underwear of quality.

With the collection “Fête”, we return to the root of the brand Chantelle. The collection has existed since 1970, which became an emblematic model of the brand. In real refined lace of Calais, the collection Fête of the brand Chantelle met immediate success in its years of appearance, even today. This collection is the happiness of women who will buy them in more than a million of samples during many years.

An ideal lingerie for all occasions

Chantelle Fête

Chantelle never stops to show us that it chooses with rigor the components of its lingerie. The label “Dentelle de Calais” (Calais lace) guarantees unbeatable quality with the excellence of traditional lace. The lacework is weaved meticulously in France in lace-maker manufacturers with international reputation. Chantelle Fête meets quickly astounding success, with thousands of samples sold a year, by reaching its next step of millions sales.

The lingerie of the collection “Fête” seduces women thanks to its retro and refined style. It will amaze you with its famous pattern “wheel”, of elegance and chic sobriety. Chantelle plays with the transparence of its lace that will highlight your silhouette with grace. The low bonnets are doubled, which will show discretely the cleavage of you breasts without too revealing for wanted seduction and sensuality. The “V” form of the bra dresses your breasts for ravaged deck neck-line. Covering effect and centered straps will offer you optimal support while highlighting and shaping your natural curves of breasts. On the back, two large and smooth bands rejoin thanks to classic fastening. Ultra-soft material of microfiber will bring you undeniable comfort and make the models an indispensable item for daily wearing.

The collection Fête will enchant you in white, black or nude. The unique choice of neutral and ageless colors is not random. They harmonize with all the color and match perfectly with any outfit. Opt for model in black if you are looking for a sophistication look, or white for a refreshing look. Finally, if you hesitate between the two colors, opt for nude that will be discrete under your clothes. The models of this collection are available from B cup to F cup.