The history of the Chantelle brand

Chantelle, number one French lingerie brand in the world, is more and more present in the most beautiful selling points. It is a brand with more than 130 years of savoir-faire. Its purpose? Wait for perfection to satisfy all women in the world by proposing them underwear of high quality.

In 1876, the company later becoming Chantelle was created by François Auguste Gamichon. At that time, women still wore corsets to bring out their curves. This had led to the evolution of the fashion of corsetry, it was the creation of a new fabric… but any kind of them! It is a two-sided elastic fabric that created new perspectives. The first one to use that fabric is Maurice Kretz, the nephew of the creator, in 1902. In 1930, his son, Jean Kretz, took over the company.

A feminine and refined lingerie

Chantelle habille les femmes

About 20 years later, the brand Chantelle was created. The company quickly became the first French corsetiere. Its slogan “Chantelle, the girdle that stays in place” becomes famous. The first bra of Chantelle launched in the market was in 1961. In 1962, the first factory of Chantelle was open in Epernay, and in the same year that the company exported to German to open a new filial there. In 1972, the company widened its collection of product by making the first molded bra guaranteeing excellent support.

In 1980, women femininity became more asserting with the evolution of the society. Chantelle responded to the demands by creating bras with more transparency, for a more seductive side. In the 90s, the expansion out of European Union of Chantelle was marked by the opening of an American filial in New York. Chantelle emphasizes the quality of its products and its savoir-faire with the slogan “It may be a detail, but it is Chantelle”.

We are now in the 20s, and precisely in 2004, Chantelle became the leader in high end lingerie in France and abroad. A famous attracting poster will stay in the spirit of lingerie amateurs: “Paris dresses women of the world”. The brand is always in search of more innovating and comfortable underwear in order to bring the feeling of relaxation while listening to the need of women. Its permanent collection, AMAZONE, C CHIC SEXY, FETE (on the market since 1970), HEDONA, PONT NEUF and REVELE MOI, continue to seduce women in the world.

The brand Chantelle proposes to women collections for all sizes and all tastes, from the most sober to the sexiest. Simply lingerie for all the women in the world.