Jane collection by Marie Jo brand

The brand of lingerie Marie Jo is renowned for its savoir-faire of great delicacy and amazing subtlety. For its collection Jane, Marie Jo offers magnificent pieces of lingerie dignified of haute-couture. It highlights luxury and elegance. The graphic floral embroidery sublimated by bright little pearls is a real asset of the collection. The little bow in satin between the two bonnets gives a touch of sensuality and softness. Marie Jo Jane is a classic and romantic collection, available in three basic and timeless colors. The large variety of forms of this collection allows all women to find their happiness and a bra that suits them. The marriage of flower lacework and pearls give a glamourous and chic look. The transparent tulle adds a romantic and sensual look to these models.

A feminine lingerie with Marie Jo Jane

Lingerie Marie Jo Jane

To respond to the demands to these ladies, the brand Marie Jo offers for its collection Jane a large variety of forms, whose finishing touches are all more and more different and creative. Romantic and charming, the push-up bra dresses your breasts in sensual and delicate embroidery. The transparent tulle gives a touch of glamour and lightness to the model. For a glamourous look and undeniable support, opt for Marie Jo Jane balconette bra. The game of contrast between opacity in the bottom of the bonnet and the transparency of the floral embroidery on the top is divinely elegant. Underwired bra of the collection Jane is the chic model of the collection. Just like the balconette form, the alliance of transparency and floral embroidery confines to this form a mysterious charm. This bra covers divinely the breasts for perfect support and absolute comfort. The line of Marie Jo lingerie proposes two models of padded bras. Delicately covered in floral lace, the first one presents the shape of a heart. It associates a ravaged up-lifting décolleté and enveloping effect. The second one has the décolleté of a balconette that reveals wonderfully the top of the breasts. The double straps confine the greatest comfort and an original look.

As for the colour, you can opt for dark blue, of elegance and modern classiness. The “dune” is a trendy skin colour, invisible under clothes and undeniably a colour to have in the lingerie closet. Black is an ageless and indispensable colour. No colour can beat it in term of elegance. White, just like black, is a colour to obligatorily have among the collection of lingerie, for its neutral and basic side. The “natural” colour is a soft colour on the skin, ideal for marriage. Finally, Tropical Peach is a bright and festive colour of the collection. The carefully designed floral embroidery and little incrusted pearls will remind us of magnificent colour of the ocean.