Action Arrow collection by Marie Jo brand

Marie Jo is a brand proposing sophisticated and refined lingerie for all women. It possesses an excellent reputation thanks to quality products, a large choice of colours as well as the creation of always trendy new collections.

Marie Jo creates the Action Arrow collection in order to respond efficaciously to the demands of all women, even the most dynamic. Action Arrow is a collection of sportive lingerie, offering sport bras and their matching slips. It is dedicated to all morphologies and available from B cup to H cup.

A lingerie adapted to the practice of sport

Lingerie sport Marie Jo Action Arrow

It is indispensable and primordial to wear a bra during physical exercise, even when we have tiny breasts. Thanks to Marie Jo Action Arrow collection, the brand reminds us that it is possible to wear pretty lingerie while practicing exercise. It allies comfort, sobriety and elegance. Woman underwear for sport of the Action Arrow collection are dedicated to dynamic women caring about their well-being.

For sport practice in security, the bra has to be of high quality. Action Arrow bra envelops the top of the breast, which brings a pretty natural round contour and excellent support. Thanks to the cut, it forms and supports the breasts, preventing also the tossing of the breasts. The materials are light on the skin for an absolute comfort. The cups and the back, in elastic polyamide microfiber, allow humidity to evacuate and stay therefore unalterable. Moreover, the absence of seam on the cups prevents all trace of irritation.

For Action Arrow sportive collection, Marie Jo creates the one and only colour, black. Being a colours matching with everything, it allies practicality and elegance. The tulle situated on top of the cup gives a dynamic and original look. It allows to support the chest during vertical movements. Even with a line of sport, Marie Jo does not lose its characteristics which are chic, comfort and quality. The first sport bras, a rather basic style, had only one characteristics: the support for the breast during sportive exercise. However, sport is more present nowadays, and sportive woman has never been also present. Woman wishes to stay beautiful every day, and Marie Jo understood that. The Action Arrow collection allies practical side of sportive lingerie with glamour and fashion of feminine lingerie.