The history of the Marie Jo brand

The lingerie of Marie Jo is soft and delicate. It is worn by a woman who plays daily with her femininity and tenderness. She appreciates wearing comfortable underwear and this is what she likes about the brand Marie Jo.

Everything starts in 1919, with the opening of a design workshop in Schellebelle by Margaretha and Achiel Van de Velde. This Belgian family company started to write its history with the creation of corsets, pieces of lingerie highly demanded at the time. In 1949, it widened the collection and specialized equally in the production of bra and bottom. The brand quickly made its name to the customers for the quality of the products.

Its founders played the card of transparent and light lingerie with embroidered large flowers reminding of the symbols of the 80s. In 1981, the Van de Velde chose the name Marie Jolie as the name of the brand, quickly renamed as Marie Jo. The brand created collections which, throughout the years and seasons, call out to many generations and bring grand-mother, mother and daughter together. Available in numerous colors, more and trendier through time, the variety of forms as well as models destines the brand to anyone who wish to feel beautiful and to be in harmony with their body.

In 1997, the group Van de Velde founded a second brand: Marie Jo l'Aventure. Marie Jo continued its development and never stopped to seduce women of all ages. This new collection presents a smoother line of lingerie, and specializes in minimalist designs while keeping its elegant aspect specific to the brand.

An elegant and feminine lingerie

Histoire de la marque Marie Jo

Since its creation, Marie Jo has not stopped to renew its collections by proposing always more refined models while staying with its characteristic collection. Under the slogan “Created for living and loving”, the brand Marie Jo targets always more dynamic women thanks to bright and original colors. The models are made with the most meticulous attention and designed from perfect cuts to offer optimal support.

Marie Jo is a brand of lingerie full of charm and elegance, luxurious and sophisticated at the same time that knows to create timeless refined lingerie. For proof, in 2016, the brand celebrated its 20 years of the Marie Jo Avero collection. Its bra has always been a best-seller.

The brand Marie Jo brings to women lingerie which beautifies their forms while remaining sparkling and delicate at the same time, with certain sensuality and elegance belonging to haute-couture. Its brand, Marie Jo l’Aventure, allows it to propose models that are more sober but always with the same quality and the same goal: make you feel comfortable in your lingerie. Marie Jo also thinks about the most sportive among us by creating the sport collection Action Arrow.

Below you will find some essential collections of the Marie Jo brand.

Marie Jo Avero:
The unbeatable collection Avero combines a soft gingham check stitch and an embroidery of daisies on the shoulder straps, thus offering a lingerie refined and incontestably chic and original.

Marie Jo Action Arrow:
This is the Marie Jo's sporting collection. Dynamic and playful, the bra brings you an undeniable and unrivaled support. Action Arrow lingerie has the advantage of combining sport and fashion trends. From now on, you will not have any excuses to put yourself in sports!

Marie Jo Jane:
With the Marie Jo Jane collection, charm and seduction will be there. A beautiful floral embroidery in all its delicacy and small sparkling beads will sublimate to perfection your chest.

Marie Jo Undertones:
With the Undertones collection, Marie Jo shows us that lingerie can be sober and elegant at the same time. The soft and pleasant materials will offer you sensational comfort. Undertones is the new invisible line of Marie Jo, to be worn in all circumstances.