History of the PrimaDonna lingerie brand

It was in 1865 in Germany that Salomon Lindauer created a corsetry company, which he named H. Guttman & Co and renamed Prima Donna a few years later. The brand Prima Donna is considered as the specialist in the field of corsetry. In 90’s, the Prima Donna brand emerged in Europe as a lingerie brand of excellence for wealthy women in constant search of beauty.

Histoire de Prima Donna

A few years later, Prima Donna opposed to the customs of the time regarding extremely thin women with a wasp waist, and decided to highlight voluptuous women with generous shapes. The Belgian luxury lingerie group Van de Velde, founded in 1981, bought the Prima Donna brand in the 1990s. The quality and the maintenance of the bras were immediately improved and the lingerie collections were reviewed so that they followed the trends of the moment.

Haute couture for the benefits of the large sizes

Histoire de Prima Donna

The new identity of the brand PrimaDonna takes the pulse of trends by closely following the collections of largest houses of ready-to-wear. To begin, it designs a minimalist and ultra-sober collection: The collection Satin. This line emphasized on the fact that a naturally voluptuous woman also seeks sobriety for her lingerie. Today, the Prima Donna Satin collection still exists and remains popular with many of the brand's enthusiasts.

In 1997, the first H cup made its entry into the collection of Prima Donna lingerie. A few years later, a new form of bra appeared: the ultra-plunging décolleté bra. For the first time, seduction plays with sizes and large size bras which are also feminine and sexy. In 2006, Prima Donna made its first spacer bra. It is composed of a unique material that gives the chest a nice round and natural curve, without oversize effect. In 2009, the brand chose to expand its size range for its mythical Deauville collection, with the Deauville bra in I cup. Finally, in 2011, Prima Donna introduced a new line of sculpting lingerie with the collection Perle. Made to perfectly fit the silhouette of the voluptuous woman, it is also a timeless product of this brand and is always offered on MesDessous.fr.

Prima Donna is a symbol of quality, fashion and comfort for big sizes and women with generous shapes. Today, Prima Donna lingerie is one of the references in term of generous breasts, voluptuous sizes and luxury lingerie. This brand attaches great importance to details and offers collections for all personalities, in a high-end universe, and creations varying according to the seasons in order to satisfy all women in search of novelties. Prima Donna is committed to designing bras that are comfortable to wear but also especially to look at: exceptional pieces, timeless cuts and irreproachable support, these are the promises of the brand.

Prima donna lingerie

The brand offers brassieres but also briefs, thongs, shorties as well as swimwear. Prima Donna strives to seduce even the most demanding women, you will surely find your happiness among the collections of the brand. In a completely different universe, the Prima Donna Twist brand offers the same level of maintenance and quality as Prima Donna but with a touch of fancy and fantasy. For this alternative Prima Donna Twist offers fewer laces and more microfiber than Prima Donna. From elegance mixed with absolute comfort, this is the motto of this brand Prima Donna that never ceases to conquer the hearts of modern women.

Many collections of the PrimaDonna brand are now famous in the world: the Couture collection, feminine and refined, the Deauville line, the essential of your wardrobe, the Prima Donna Madison collection or the Delight line. You will also love the Prima Donna Divine, Sambal and Satin lines, which have a large number of followers. PrimaDonna swimsuits are also available on our website as well as a PrimaDonna destocking category with lots of good lingerie deals.

"Ode to curves"

Prima Donna Ode to curves

Its philosophy "Ode to Curves" underlines 150 years of the brand serving generous breasts. It aims to prove that beauty is not a story of size and that every woman should feel good about herself. Each body is beautiful and the new identity of the brand, characterized by the beautiful Myla Dalbesio, proves it. In fact, the model of PrimaDonna does not offer "ideal measurements" in the eyes of fashion and haute-couture sector but it is shown that she feels good about her body. Today this woman unlike any others inspires women from all over the world and regularly receives messages from ladies happy to see that a model with generous shapes can make a name for herself in the world of lingerie.

10 seconds is the time that takes a woman to know if a bra suits her well. 18 months is the time it takes for Prima Donna to create it. This time, the brand places emphasis on each of its pieces so that they can highlight the feminine forms and sublime natural elegance.