, IT IS FIRST A DESIRE, THEN AN IDEA, AND FINALLY EXPERTISE in the world of lingerie, we are still novice, since our parents have worked in this field for more than 30 years. We have seen thousands of bras, briefs and slips unpacked, unfolded and examinated. Lingerie is not only about being practical and sexy but also about the connection with the material, beauty, intimacy, desire, pleasure, briefly, sefl-fulfilment. We have always enjoyed the pleasure to offer beautiful products that respond to all these criteria and others.

This forever delight has become an indispensable need of today, which is why was born. is also the story of a group of friends who were brought together for this adventure by sharing common valeurs, simple ideas and expertise. Our willing is to offer you an attractive and simple website for use with the best products from big brands of lingerie. It is also to offer you at all time attractive prices for all products. Thanks to our partners: brands, suppliers and banks who have trusted us and work along with us everyday.

Thank you to our customers and future customers who are reading these words and count on us to offer you the best product. See you soon,                                                                                                                                       team,