Cotton undershirt is rather a specialist in undershirts in wool and silk but also offers some models of undershirt from big brands of lingerie like SLOGGI or EMPORIO ARMANI : sober and comfortable undershirts. 

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Cotton lingerie is also available at the level of body suits, in order to offer additional comfort and a more pleasant feeling on the skin. These body suits are ideal companions for moments of rest, or cocooning at home, but especially during the winter periods when it will not fail to use the imperial method of layering. Indeed, layering is the art of superimposing his clothes with taste and subtlety. This category is highlighted in particular by ARMANI, which offers body suits and tank tops of optimal comfort, while leaving you the choice in the shape of the collar. You will be able to adapt according to your outfits, chic or casual, turtleneck or neckline,  the cotton jersey that will match your expectations and your style of the moment. Sloggi also offers body suits also called knitted cotton skin, simple but extremely comfortable models.