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There are two categories of bra in cotton. Simple models containing a high percentage of cotton like SLOGGI and ANITA bras or even bras with some fantasy effect of laces that have a lower level of cotton. You will find the second category of cotton bra from brand like MAISON LEJABY or AUBADE.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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The brassieres made of cotton allow a more pleasant sensation on the skin. What we appreciate in cotton bras is that it brings as much sweetness as comfort. Not fragile, it does not require careful maintenance. This is why, has selected some brands, each bringing its style to lingerie cotton. Thus, SLOGGI offers bras especially for chest support and comfort, just like ANITA, while the AUBADE brand also offers more worked designs, sometimes with a greater transparency of the fabric for a seductive style that Is the signature of the mark. Think again!!! A model of bra designed with cotton is not synonymous with neutrality for brands like AUBADE or MAISON LEJABY. The Bahia collection of AUBADE, for example, will offer permanent and occasional colors and prints depending on the season. Seduction is not forgotten in cotton underwear ... On the other hand if you want a bra with a high cotton level we advise you to opt for a Sloggi bra.