You wish to refine your silhouette ? A body stocking can help you ! Choose by preference a big brand of lingerie that will bring you the shape as well as the comfort. From shapewear of TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, ANITA to shapewear of WACOAL, PRIMADONNA or even BARBARA, MesDessous. fr offers you nearly 100 different models.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 47 items
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In sculpting lingerie, several styles come together, and that's why has selected the best for you. There is the so-called classic sculpting lingerie whose primary purpose is to sculpt the body and give it a more swelt effect. The bodydress come in this category of lingerie with brands such as TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL or ANITA that offer classic bodydress in felted colors such as skin, black or white. These bodydresses offer opaque and sculpting materials and covering shapes. For the past fifteen years have appeared the new generation of bodydress mostly call Body. These bodies offer more modern forms,  providing however less covered than the bodydress. Indeed, this evolution is visible especially thanks to the much more materials such as lace as well as the transparency game used that characterize the body. They nevertheless retain in part the sculpting aspect of the bodydress but are more refined even sexy. All the major brands of lingerie offer bodies in their collection. LISE CHARMEL, EPRISE, AUBADE, or PRIMA DONNA will propose seductive bodies with games of lace and transparency. The brand Chantelle offers classic bodies based on modern styles and materials. The MAISON LEJABY as well as WACOAL offer invisible bodies under the clothes thanks to ultra-thin materials and very flat seams. For women with a generous chest and wanting a seductive body  we advise you to opt for an EMPREINTE or EPRISE of LISE CHARMEL body. Thus, every woman can find body or a bodydress adapted to her needs and morphology.