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Minimizer bras have a form and a material whose purpose is to reduce your breasts half a cup or even a cup. These bras, highly pointed in term of conception, are only proposed by some big brands of lingerie. We have selected the best minimizer bras with the brands TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, WACOAL and CONTURELLE.

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It is not always easy to find bras at your convenience when you have a generous chest, and you want to make it discreet. Thanks to the minimizing bras, it is possible to "minimize" the size of your breast by half or even a cup. Thanks to a subtle play of sewing and shape distribution, brands like TRIUMPH allow women with a generous breast to hide their curves, while keeping a very feminine silhouette. Similarly, these minimizers are thought to keep an optimal comfort without compressing the chest. The lingerie brand Wacoal also offers very good minimizers bras in materials of great quality and with great comfort. The final effect is to reduce the volume of the chest visually while maintaining a harmonious shape and great comfort. For years this form was appreciated only by an initiated clientele. For a decade the bra minimizers has become a favorite form by women with generous chest. Besides, the biggest brands of lingerie often offer a minimizer bra in their collections.