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Our short sleeves tops in wool and silk are to be worn as undergarment or ready-made. You can choose folded seam, which makes more ready-made, or plat seam, worn under clothes to keep warm. We have selected for you three brands specialized in wool and silk which are OSCALITO, MORETTA and BARBARA lingerie.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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The OSCALITO undershirt designed  with wool and pleated silk  can be worn both :  underwear and ready-to-wear. This Italian brand is one of the few to make short-sleeved tops with 30% silk and 70% wool in its composition. The MORETTA brand also offers wool and silk undershirts with 20% silk and 80% wool. The MORETTA skin knitwear can be flat knit. They are then real warm underwear to wear throughout the winter season. MORETTA also offers short sleeves top in pleated mesh to wear in  distinguished ready-to-wear.