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Our sleeveless tops in wool and silk to wear as undergarment or as ready-made to your liking. We have selected for you three brands specialized in the material of wool and silk : OSCALITO, MORETTA and BARBARA lingerie.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 34 items
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The tops without sleeves universe offers tops or tanks for women, with brands recognized for their know-how. We offer wool and silk tank tops in warm, light and comfortable material for the winter. These tankers are usually worn under a sweater or a waistcoat. Italian companies are known for their expertise in wool and silk. We have selected for you the brand OSCALITO which is known for its models that can be worn as underwear as well as ready-to-wear. The OSCALITO tankers offer a material composed of 30% silk and 70% wool. MORETTA is also an Italian brand specialized in underwear and ready-to-wear in wool and silk. MORETTA tanks offer a material made of 20% silk and 80% wool. The BARBARA lingerie brand also offers a collection of high quality wool and silk tank tops. For the summer, the OSCALITO tank top offers a luxurious and lightweight Scottish thread. These OSCALITO tops have the advantage of being able to wear with a dressed suit as well as jeans in a more casual style.