LISE CHARMEL silk pyjama, MASSANA cotton pyjama, MASSANA velvet pyjama or AUBADE satin pyjama, has selected for you pyjamas of big brands of lingerie to satisfy all your wishes. From cocooning pyjamas to seduction pyjams, passing by quirky pyjamas, you find in this category the pyjama that will please you.

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items
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Since the 2000s, women's pajamas have replaced night shirts or liquettes in the hearts of consumers. The cocooning effect is necessarily for something ... Indeed, wear a casual cloth  in the evening is simpler with a pajamas than with a nightgown. Whether it's hot women's pajamas, short, long, lightweight pajamas, to sleep or to stay on the couch, in front of a good book or a movie, offers women's pajamas for all Styles. From MASSANA pajamas in light cotton or warm fleece, to LISE CHARMEL pajamas in silk with Calais lace, the choice is wide.