Marie Jo
Mini string MARIE JO "Avero" (Caffé Latte)
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The Avero lingerie collection is a best seller of the brand Marie Jo. A line of lingerie with noble materials and perfect shapes. The modern well-being by Marie Jo.
Mini thong Marie Jo opaque on the front. A braid of embroidery underlines the size on each side. Under the embroidery, a soft microfiber braid provides the necessary comfort.
Prima Donna
Thong Prima Donna Vya (Black)
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The Vya collection from Prima Donna offers seductive and elegant models, with refined embroidery and a semi-transparent mesh offering a sensual look while remaining comfortable.The Prima Donna Thong from the Vya collection offers sensuality and elegance thanks to its mesh with embroidery on the buttocks, enhanced by a small decorative buckle in the back.Materials: 64% Polyamide 18% Polyester 10% Elastane 8% Cotton
Lise Charmel
Thong Lise Charmel Dressing Floral (Ambre Nacre)
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Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral collection enhances the feminine body thanks to a vegetal pattern that is both pure and delicate. It's subtly drawn on the skin, creating a tattoo effect, and is accompanied by several silk and Leavers of Calais lace touches. The high-end and creative French lingerie brand offers the guarantee of models that are pleasant to wear, with a fine and sensual graphic design.
The Lise Charmel Dressing Floral thong highlights the curve of the buttocks and draws a sensual, plant-like pattern on the skin. 

Materials: Polyamide 51% Polyester 33% Elastane 11% Cotton 5%
Thong Empreinte Louise (Provence)
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The Louise collection of the brand Empreinte Lingerie offers luxurious embroidery with bras that is adorned with superb guipure and which perfectly illustrates the French elegance and all the expertise of the lingerie brand Empreinte. The color Provence sublimates the guipure of this superb collection Empreinte.
This thong from the Louise collection offers a semi-unobstructed shape.
Composition: 46% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 20% Elastane, 9% Cotton.
Prima Donna
Thong Prima Donna Sedaine (Water Blue)
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Color in winter? We say yes! PrimaDonna Sedaine frames your neckline with a cheerful bouquet of winter flowers. Charming sets with colorful embroidery and pretty details!Polka dot tulle thong with colorful floral embroidery. Extra high leg openings and high waist create a sexy and fashionable look.Water Blue is a timeless navy blue with colorful flowers on your neckline.38% Polyester, 36% Polyamide, 15% Elastane, 11% Cotton