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Big French brands of lingerie have great savoir-faire in the creation of sexy lingerie renowned all over the world. Bras with demonstrative forms, briefs with transparent materials, and night gowns with delicate form. Find sexy but refined lingerie with brands like AUBADE, LISE CHARMEL, CHANTAL THOMASS.

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Sexy lingerie, chic lingerie, naughty lingerie ... offers  the biggest brands of sexy lingerie in this unavoidable category. The idea is to offer you pieces of lingerie of great elegance, designed to play with the seduction without ever falling into vulgarity. This  sexy lingerie or seduction is found in multiple collections of brands like AUBADELISE CHARMEL or CHANTAL THOMASS. The brand AUBADE has created a sexy universe with lines like Boîte à Désir, whose success is renewed every year at Christmas time, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Moreover, AUBADE offers each season a luxury line, constructed with luxurious materials and ultra sexy shapes. LISE CHARMEL also offers a world of sexy lingerie. This great brand of French lingerie masters as well the seductive wedding lingerie with a romantic side with lines much more colorful but still sexy. This is the most popular lingerie brand on Valentine's Day.. Finally, the designer CHANTAL THOMASS offers a sexy lingerie in a more creative spirit with a boudoir spirit.